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AK_03 gives flexibility in terms of colour choices and solutions, aestetical harmony and functionality thanks to the new laquered and "open pore" oak veneered finishes in addition to the glass doors. The model is available with handles or handleless, making it the ideal product for all tastes.
Design Franco Driusso

AK_05 ​is where “The kitchen becomes a system”, a system that evolves around 5 different types of opening: from the elegant doors with 30° edges to the external lacquered handle featuring the exclusive patented hidden fitting.  5 different solutions which through a wide range of materials give life to various aethetics and feelings. 26 mm thick doors in a variety of finishes: 7 brushed oak veneered, 7 micro cement, 4 textured glass doors, matt and glossy finishes of the Ral scale.  Design Franco Driusso

AK_01, an innovative and informal model, able to adapt to dinamic houses in which a sought after young taste is protagonist. It is offered in 7 wooden effect and texture laminate finishes and 5 thermal structure ash and matt finishes.  Design Franco Driusso 

AK_02 is a new line featuring an essential, complete and clean design. Other features are the wide modularity and the availability of handle or handleless modules.
There are eight finishes available, five in wooden effect thermal structure "open pore" laminates with vertical vein and three in single coloured matt finish.
Design Franco Driusso

Modern ​kitchens

AK_04 is a contemporary project which combines planning flexibility, technology and new materials. Doors are made of a unique extra light, thin but robust, extruded aluminium frame supporting a 4 or 6 mm. thick panel available in a variety of finishes. From PaperStone®, recyclable eco-friendly material, to Fenix Ntm®, a cutting edge material using nanotechnology which makes the surface feel compact and waterproof, with a soft-touch finger print resistant effect.  From Corian® to the new veneered finishes in Antique and Fiammato Oak which together with Saw- effect Heat-treated Oak widen the range. Finally the new tempered extra-light glossy and satin glass finishes in addition to the glossy and matt lacquered options.  Design Franco Driusso

Arrital kitchens feature minimalist design and sophisticated finishes that reflect modern tastes and the latest furnishing trends.

Ak_05 kitchen by Arrital

Ak_06 offers a range of 8 finishes, all with great aesthetic impact and high functional performance. The expressive possibilities range from the use of supermatt melamine, available in 2 solid colours with a matte finish, and the 3 types of thermostructured melamine with a wood effect and a soft textured surface, to the use of Fenix Ntm®, which is offered in 3 colour variants and makes the surface extremely opaque with a soft-touch effect.  Design Franco Driusso